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Chamille Zadorojny-Mies
Chamille Zadorojny-Mies
Freelance Artist
Seattle, United States


Upbeat community content creator, illustrator, and business owner! League Of Legends and Twitch partner, actively seeking other art-based partnership opportunities, jobs, or internships! Active on several social media outlets for gaming and creative sharing. I enjoy spreading knowledge about art and its uses in gaming!

It's a pleasure to meet you! If you have questions about my work or availability, please reach out to me via email at My portfolio website is


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  • Freelance Artist and Owner at Rin's Art Shop
    Seattle, United States of America
    January 2013 - Present

    Rin's Art shop is my own art business I've ran over the past 5 years. I create custom artworks, projects, and products for companies and clientele. I have worked with several manufactures to created desired products, while also managing my own time schedule, networking, social media outlets, websites, marketing, and communications. I am an advocate speaker about art and gaming in communities, which I discuss through the creation of my streams on I broadcast to several hundred people every week, monetizing my brand, teaching individuals seeking knowledge of my profession, showing my progress of illustrations and products, all while working to create a safe, influential place for like minded creative and gaming individuals.

  • Content Marketing Specialist at NCSoft West
    September 2021 - June 2022

    With several games under the NCWest branch, I helped with the content of each one before being assigned to Aion and Guild Wars 2. I generated graphic design, edited video content, created imagery as requested by the producers, and also generated copy, edits, and coding on almost all social content and blogs. Community sentiment was drafted weekly for the development team to discuss.

  • Social Media Manager at World's Edge / Collabera
    July 2019 - August 2021

    As a Social Media Manager for the Age of Empires Franchise at World's Edge, Microsoft, I utilize different tools to help ensure our community is entertained, happy, informed, and heard by the development team. I generate graphic design imagery and copy on almost all social content, specifically for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. I also create and edit video content and gifs around events and other notable items. Reporting on the voice of the community is drafted weekly with thoroughly detailed analytics through Sprout, and also by documenting commentary for the development team to discuss. My job also handles the newsletter, WordPress blog editing, and any other items I can help with as our team continues to deliver to the Age of Empires community.

  • Contract Community Artist at ArenaNet
    August 2017 - Present

    I am a Contract Community Content Creator and Partner for ArenaNet, specifically for Guild Wars 2. I create artworks for mutual fans of the game to generate excitement and love of the characters and content. I have been hired to make illustrations for fans who won the raffle for the "Friend/Ships" campaign, and also made user profile icons for their forums. I have also worked with their partnered company, For Fans By Fans, to create several now officially licensed products that are sold on their website.

  • Contract Community Artist at Riot Games
    January 2015 - Present

    I have been hired several times by Riot Games to make custom illustrations for different events. I have made posters for PAX East 2016 and 2018, #MundoFace contest, Sugar Rush, and Season 2019 events. I am constantly doing new projects with them when our paths cross at different events, leading me to be a Contract Artist/Community Content Creator and Partner with them.

  • Contract Artist at
    March 2016 - March 2017

    I created several emotes assets for the launch of the "food" channel on Two of these emotes became global and are used frequently; "StinkyCheese" and "NomNom". The next year, I was hired to make "FlipThis" global emote, which was later released as a special collectible enamel pin at Twitchcon 2017. These assets have been seen in StarCraft 2 as well, when Twitch partnered up with Blizzard for Prime benefits.

  • Contract Freelance Artist at Blizzard Entertainment
    October 2017 - October 2017

    For Twitchcon 2017, I worked with Blizzard Entertainment with 7 other artists to create a live painting of their World of Warcraft Characters. We were split into groups of 4 for Horde and Alliance, painting on a large canvas together throughout the 3 day convention.

  • Contract Artist at Wavedash Games
    October 2017 - June 2018

    I created several different art assets for Wavedash Games, specifically for Icons: Arena. They were created and used for player icons and flair/sprays in game.